Digital Infastracture Advisors

Who We Are

Digital Infrastructure Advisors, Ltd. (DIAL) a DC Capital Group Company focused on supporting investors, funds, developers, and operators of global mission critical technical infrastructure.

We provide targeted services to deliver highly effective outcomes supporting the complete lifecycle of technical real estate assets. With an extensive background in the data center and telecommunications industry, DIA is positioned to provide practical advice to support existing technical facilities and next generation digital infrastructure for the Edge, 5G, IoT, digital community hubs, and distributed data environments.

Who We Work With

We work with the investment community (private equity funds, financial institutions, high net worth family offices), commercial developers and data center operators by providing consulting services, interim executive management, and directorship roles.

Having worked with numerous successful data center businesses, we have a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ business and strategic objectives. We work with the finance, property, technical and business teams to provide a coordinated multidisciplinary service and target our services to deliver highly effective outcomes supporting the complete lifecycle of technical real estate. This allows our clients to manage, plan, grow, fund, design, consolidate, dispose, and optimize facilities of all sizes and complexity in the digital infrastructure sector.

What We Do

Whilst recent trends have been on large scale data center projects, there is now the emergence of data, power, and communication in digital community centers in regional markets. There are many small and medium sized facilities in commercial and corporate buildings, along with POP sites that supported legacy services reaching the end of their service lives. These locations are often well suited to Edge computing with a complete refresh and updated approach. We focus on bridging the gap between commercial and technical real estate and distributed computing to create innovative technical and funding solutions for these new initiatives.

In a challenging fragmented industry, DIA succeeds by having the capability, through an extensive network of subject matter professionals, to bring together world class multi-disciplinary teams around a common objective to support both long term assignments and project cycles. DIA has partnerships which have been established for many years in all major geographical regions.

Summary of DIA Services

  • Site selection insight into the search, review, acquisition and disposal of land and buildings for technical use due to our understanding of the specific property requirement for data centers.
  • Oversight, strategic advice, and technical governance to ensure clients maximize their investments covering fiscal review, design, build, and management of facilities.
  • Development and transaction management for new digital infrastructure facilities.
  • Identification and support for corporate merger and acquisition activity.

Key Digital Infrastructure Experience

  • As an Executive Manager on two separate occasions was involved with the creation and development of Data Center platform companies in Europe as the COO for Global Switch, and as the Managing Director Europe for Digital Realty Trust.
  • Providing Data Center advisory and site selection services on numerous sites across six geographical locations for a new Data Center platform in the Middle East.
  • Recently completed Due Diligence and advised on Corporate Colocation acquisition in Bogota, Columbia.
  • Recently Completed Project review for a 11 story Data Center Development in South Korea.
  • Conducted review of several potential acquisition sites for Data Center use in Germany, France and UK for Institutional Fund and a Data Center Operating Company (ongoing assignment).
  • Provided ongoing Transition and Asset Management services for NTT June 2018 through to October 2020.
  • Completed Due Diligence and Transaction Management of 465,000 manufacturing facility in Hillsboro, Oregon that will be converted into a Data Center that closed in September 2019.
  • Completed Due Diligence, site review and Transaction Oversight for 100-acre land parcel in Meza, Arizona that closed in June 2019.
  • Completed the oversight of a project located in Frankfurt, Germany for a UK Institutional Fund taking the property through planning and power agreements and coordination of the sale to a US entity from 2017-2019.

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